Daring to ship when it’s very good but not excellent (yet:))
My website is one month old today!



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Do you have a project still hiding in your drawers?
You desire to let it out, but not sure if it is good enough already?
I want to encourage you to tune in and see if more refinement is doubtlessly necessary or  maybe it good enough for you to dare to put it out.

My website is one month old today!
And I feel so great having it alive and growing even though it is not perfect (yet.)
I want to share with you a little about my journey.
Especially about the way I dealt with the tension that exists between
being satisfied and wanting more.
There is this saying that the ‘perfect’ is the enemy of the ‘good.’
But what if instead, we call it his ‘big brother’?

The balance between perfecting and daring to ship

I worked on this baby (website) for years.
Was I procrastinating?
Did I lack the courage to step forward?
Well, in the beginning, it was not procrastinating exactly.
I had to grow into it and be more clear about what I want, and I had other priorities.

Then, when I had a plan, I had a problem that maybe some of you have, too. It took me a while to realize it so I can respect my needs without compromising my progress.
I wanted to move from what I do now (helping people with their mess) to a fully online business in the same area. I understood that it would be a process.
But, because I was already excellent in what I do, I wanted that the online platform will represent it, at least to a certain degree.
I realized that at first, I would have to be a novice again, but I couldn’t let it be a complete beginner website 🙂 . And I wanted it to include a lot of what I know about user-experience. I wanted to create something that will deliver my professionalism, but I admitted that I could not be excellent right away in this new field.

It was not easy to respect it, because so many experienced people say that it’s wiser to build your website quickly and then perfect it over time.
But I chose to follow my intuition and desire. In this way, I felt motivated and inspired and could even enjoy it. However, I needed to be mindful that I do not fall into the pitfall of constantly perfecting without shipping. It was extra-challenging because I chose English. It is a given that I will have many mistakes, and I cannot hire people to correct them all the time. I knew I will have to trust that those who will love the content I share will be able to see beyond my English imperfection.
I think there was a point when I started to be more on the procrastinating side, than allowing the natural good process.

Luckily it annoyed me enough to contemplate the relationships between good enough and perfect. And I felt that I can change perspective. Instead of putting perfection as a goal that “intimidates” my current stage, I started seeing it as an empowering point of reference! I will not let go of my desire for perfection but will use it to measure my level. The ‘perfect’ will help me know if I reached the good enough that is perfect for this stage; Like a baby that is “good enough” to be delivered, even though it will be completely different in a few years.
But if we use the metaphor of a baby here, we must remember that for the baby to become a grown-up and fulfill its full potential, it must not stay too long in the womb. It can grow there for a short time, and then it must continue outside.
Wow, I was so relieved to gain this clarity, and this last part of the journey, until I could deliver, was much easier and more fun too.

Instead of a deadline we can call it a happyline

Once I was clear about my priorities (shipping ‘good enough’ over excellent), I started imagining it, and I felt it is possible! I wanted to feel festive about it, but also to be committed and vigilant.
The happyline represents this combination: there is a line, it is the line of shipping, but it is happy and not dead 🙂
The decision to be OK with shipping before being excellent was like a guide – It helped me decide when to stop editing & fixing and when to put more effort; it allowed me to choose my priorities. It wasn’t always easy, but it was rather simple.
It is in a way a subjective judgment (not entirely of-course), but I believe that everybody knows this fine line – when it’s time to say I am OK with the outcome (even if I can upgrade later.)

I kept seeing this day (6/9/19) and imagined the feeling I will have.

I was determined to do it in English, but it is not my mother tongue, and I am far from perfect. And starting something like this is hard as it is, without the challenge of language. BUT, I could not see myself investing in something that won’t take me to where I want to go (international online business), because I knew that in this way I would not be motivated enough to go through the hard part.

In the launch-day, I came to know the funniest thing ever!
By chance (or by godly intervention :)), the 6th of September is
The fighting procrastination day!Unbelievable, right?
(I am looking for a better name that does not involve fighting, though.)

The happyline party was great! I felt so amazing!

Being Grateful

I was lucky to work with the best.
I had my beloved sister Inbar Cohen – InbeDesign – on my side.
She is a gifted designer who also knows a lot about user experience and has a great intuition about what works nowadays. We worked together on the characterization. She took my voice and tone and translated it into a design that fits so beautifully the message I wanted to convey. Delight!

We worked with the best web developer, Yaron Rozen, that was much more than just a professional – he knows to listen and then to offer solutions. He is not only doing his job, but is fully committed, and I felt he cared about the outcome as if it was his own website. Pleasure!

And I was so lucky to have Kinneret Yifrah to work with me on creating my voice and tone, but much more. She helped me to refine my message and gave me the courage to make it all in English. I was blessed!

Buck up & show up and take Michael Jordan as your companion

There is this point in the process when we have to be satisfied enough.
It doesn’t mean that we stop aspiring to make it better.
It just means that this part of the process of improvement takes place when we are already in the filed after we dared to step out of the gallery.

It is the stage when we will make mistakes.
We need to be ready to receive feedback even if they are not the best, even when amazing people see all the errors.
It is such a joy to have something that needs to be corrected!
We may experience failure or rejection. But it will be so Great! Because it is Real.
We stepped out of theories and make-believe and shipped ourselves into fulfilling our dreams in the Real World.

I read many articles about this phenomenon: that it is much better to be in the field and make mistakes than to sit in the gallery and plan to be the best.
But until I got there, I could not imagine how great it feels.
I read an article about Michel Jordan, and the most inspiring fact was that those who have the highest hit scores also have the highest strike scores.
How lovely is that, right?

When I step out of my comfort zones, I like to be inspired by great people, and Michel Jordan is one of those companions if I may call him that way.
I leave you with this quote to motivate you to see perfection as a guideline and not as an obstacle.
Make it the older loving brother of the ‘good enough.’
Good Luck!

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career.
I’ve lost almost 300 games.
6 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed.
I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.
And that is why I succeed.
Michael Jordan

I cannot resist sharing some photos from my launch party 🙂 - Pay attention to the colors.

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