Todo List – Friend or Foe?
Post # 4: Dearest MamaList



This is the heading


How should I write my list?

I never know what to do with it…

John Doe

All these scraps of papers are everywhere…


All these lists everywhere...And I can never find them...


These are very common sentences that I hear from my clients
(combined with a helpless face :)).
Sounds familiar?

Lists are like guides – if we know how to harness them to work for us.

Lists are like guides in a way – they help us navigate in the land of our wishes and dreams and on the paths of the must-dos.
They are the 1st step if we want to decide where “to go.”
They make an order.
They can calm the noise in our heads.
But if we do not know how to work with them, they can become another burden – as the name of this series implies: they can be either a friend or a foe.

From my experience, it takes time to befriend our lists, and it involves many facets,
but it can be a beautiful journey.
I recommend staying flexible, because, along the way when we change, we may need to change the way we deal with our lists and the aids we use.
So it’s better not to be fixed with the way we manage our lists, but keeping a creative approach and allowing ourselves to change our “guidelines” when needed.
In any case, it’s always good to remember this: the key factor in this relationship we build with our lists (like in any other relationship) is cultivation and maintenance.

The MamaList

This is one thing that works for me for many years and what I offer to my clients:
I call it the MamaList. It is a kind of master-list that contains EVERYTHING
I want or need todo.
Here is how I create it:

  1. I prefer writing it on a paper (sometimes I use a few small sheets), and I try to choose a nice one if possible. I then hang it in an accessible place.
    You can make it digitally if you prefer, but if so, it is recommended to print it and hang it.
  2. I do not update it frequently – it is not the list that I use on a day-to-day basis, but rather a base-line. I re-make it every few months or when I feel I need to. I do add items to it from time to time if I think it is necessary – but not all the things that are joining my daily list. It does not need to be entire-ly up-to-date; it is just for the sake of having a fresh start once in a while, sort of a hub from which I can draw my next steps.
  3. I divide it into a few main areas. They can change according to my life situation, but usually, they include finances, projects, home, health, business.
  4. In each area, I write whatever is in my head that I either want or need to do. I do not invest too much in this list in the sense of writing it “correctly” – I just write whatever comes to mind.
    I make sure to put in it even “big projects” that I have no idea how to manifest, any small tasks that I have on my plate and just everything that I wanted to do and still did not get to execute.
    Anything that circulates in my head gets into the MamaList.

Once done, she is like an anchor, but then we need to go ashore.

I find it to be calming when I have the MamaList – even though just having this list is undoubtedly not enough. But if we know that this master-list exist in an easy-to-find place, that we do not need to update it weekly and that it can contain merely everything, it is a good start.
In the next posts, I will share with you how I work with it to create my everyday lists.

BTW – I sometimes like to add there all kinds of small intentions and/or some words of encouragement to myself 🙂

You are welcome to share a photo of your Mama if you like.

Till next time,
May your day be delightful – a balanced mixture of rest and action!
Be well,

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