The Bubble Technique

Is a solution for when we want to tend to a task, but feeling overwhelmed or when we just want to be as focused and as efficient as possible.

The challenge:

when we want to do something that demands our full attention and/or is challenging, we can face the problem of too many outer and/or inner distractions.

The remedy:

We create a bubble that holds us.
It is both an outer bubble and an inner one.
We use 3 ingredients:
a timer, disconnecting, intention.

Break Duration

- 5 +

Work Duration

- 25 +

Step Into a Bubble


Using a Timer

Set the timer

The timer serves as the outer bubble.

During the time we set the timer too, we do ONLY the task at hand.

We may feel compelled to tidy up the room suddenly , but we don’t :).

We also wait with the coffee.

We are in a bubble.

*It is important to actually set the clock and not just to look at the time.
* Choose a time-frame you feel comfortable with (30-40 min is recommended.)


We disconnect from any interactions and stimulus 
(unless needed for the task in hand.)

We don’t check WhatsApp messages, emails, FB, or even talk to anyone :). 

We are in the Bubble.

You may be surprised by how good it feels to disconnect.

The intention to let go of inner distractions

It is common that once we focus one thing from our list,
suddenly all the other todo’s are popping up demanding attention too Now.

The solution:
employing our intention and resolution to let go of those distractions,
like saying “not now, later.”

I find it super helpful to imagine a bubble where they can’t enter.
However, if there are many of them, it is OK to write down
some points, 
so it’ll be easier to let go.
You may not always succeed, but the intention is what counts!

May you have a great bubble!

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