Prioritizing is Brave

Prioritizing is brave because it is about taking a close look at ourselves and choose some things over others. But if we dare to master it, life becomes more relaxed and fulfilling. Are you game?


1 - The Queen, king and prince

Want to learn an excellent way to prioritize? Choose 3 things that will be your Queen, King, and Prince for the next 3 months. From that point on they get priority and the largest portion of your resources.

2 - The courage to pause and choose

Choosing well is courageous because we need to take a moment and honestly examine our lives. We also have to dare look inside and connect to our dreams. But then we have clarity, it's blissful.

3 - Stand up for your choices

After choosing it is time for committing. We take responsibility for our choices. It is like choosing our choices again and again (and it is rewarding.)

4 - Pause again and bravely evaluate

At some point, we have to pause again and check how we're doing. Without it, we lose some of the benefits we gain from prioritizing. This second pause is also brave - If it didn't work, we could go back to the drawing board (without self-judgment).

5 - Remember - It's all about YOU

Prioritizing is not about achieving goals, it's about YOU. Its purpose is helping you move from your A to your Be. Use it wisely when you feel the need to.