Messy to organized – yes you can! (home makeover)

If you feel ready to move from clutter to clarity, this series is made just for you. It is here to inspire and support you. All that I share was used successfully with my beloved clients since 2004. You can use it too!


1- Treat it like a project

Maybe you have the wish that it will happen by itself :). It won't.Transforming your space from messy to organized takes time, and it must be respected. Schedule specific times for it, just like meeting someone you love.

2 - Zooming out vs Zooming in

When we feel ready to move from clutter to order, we are zooming out, looking at the situation from a broad perspective. But then we zoom in when we have to decide what stays and what goes and we can forget the feeling we had zooming out.

3 - Must I let go of a lot?

No, it is not a precondition. Don't avoid starting the process because you feel resistance to let go of stuff. The idea is to go through a process and firstly to become conscious of what you decide to keep.

4 - Where shall I start?

Although you may incline to start with the spaces that bother you the most, the places that you use daily, I recommend starting on the opposite side. What to know why?

5 - Basic guidelines #1 - Keep the flow

It is essential to help the process of sorting-out flow. If we take too much time deciding about each item, we can get stuck and discouraged. Listen to this tip to learn about the 4 piles that help.

6 - Basic guidelines # 2 - The puzzle pieces and delayed gratification

Although you may feel you can wait to have an organized space, delaying gratification is the most efficient way to go. First, we must sort things out so we can be clear of what we have.

7 - Basic guidelines # 3 How to organize

After sorting-out it's time for the fun part: putting together your puzzle! Here is some advice on how to go about it.

8 - Get help if you're stuck

It's A-OK to get help if you don't manage by yourself. It's not easy to do it alone. Consider it as a renovation - you build a foundation, and you can use the support and skills of a professional.