Making Bureaucracy Joyful

There are ways to make tedious bureaucratic tasks more comfortable - and in this series of quick recorded tips I will share advice that work!


1 - Positive feedbacks make a difference

Writing a thank you letter/email to a service provider changes our experience - both the subjective and the objective one. Believe me! I use it successfully for years.

2 - Opening a phone call
in the right way

How to get much more efficient assistance by interrupting the automatic behaviour of representatives.

3 - Think of the WHY

Connect to a “deeper WHY” to turn a boring or stressful task into a neutral (or even lovely) one.

4 - Barter with a friend

Togetherness and accountability are powerful tools -most of us don’t like these tasks, so why not share the journey?

5 - Plan well and Be Creative

Listen to this tip to get some ideas about how simple planning for you "bureaucracy-time" (plus some flexibilty) can make a big difference, on both your efficiency and joy-leves