Less Mess & Clutter (to begin with)

Instead of tidying up all day, here are ways that will help you create less mess
and accumulate less clutter in the first place.
Doubtful? Listen to this series and try it out yourself!


1 - Personify your home

Treat your home like you treat your body: be more mindful of what you take in and see how it reduces the clutter without much of an effort.

2 - Mess infects mess and
Order attracts order.

It is a simple fact, and if you make it your mantra, it could change your relationship with Mr. Mess. Or, why do I make my bed every morning?

3 - Finish the movement

A significant difference between messy and organized people is that organized people are merely creating less mess. We can learn how to do that too!

4 - Lengthening the movement

A step beyond finishing the movement, which takes us another step towards less mess created, to begin with - and it is even not that difficult

5 - Separate the tasks

Sometimes we have just enough motivation to tidy up a bit, but not more. If we learn to prepare the space for these times, we can make the best out of it.