Befriending Our ToDo-Lists

If you struggle with your ToDo-Lists, finding yourself serving them instead of them helping you; But also if you simply want to reach a better flow, being both more efficient and more relaxed - This series will help you make friends with your lists.


Like catching the waves

Choose the right time of the day for different kind of tasks on your list, so it will be in harmony with your inspiration/energy level. Like a surfer that goes to the beach when the waves are "available" - It makes a difference.

When 'done' outside, let it be 'done' inside

Why sometimes even after we take care of something and it is "done," we don't feel relieved? It may be because we didn't mark in done "inside." Listen to this tip to know what to do.

The specific gravity of tasks

When you list "becomes heavy," and you feel stagnated, there is a magical solution: it involves the specific gravity of each task. Sounds strange? Listen and be surprised :)

Chupchic Time

Taking care of these little things that keep being in our way, even if it takes us off track, will benefit us a great deal. Invest a little now and earn a lot later. I call it "Chupchik-Time."

Expiration date for tasks

Tasks that keep being pushed down the list can become a burden. One way of dealing with it is to attach an expiration date to them. When it arrives, there are a few options - listen and apply.