Todo List – Friend or Foe?
Post # 6: The TT List– Todo tomorrow



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Planning to plan in the morning may not be the best idea

There is this saying that the one who puts the alarm clock at night is not the one that wakes up in the morning.
And it is so true, also in regards to what we plan for tomorrow.
When the new day begins, we may be in a different mood than what we felt yesterday,
there may be all kinds of things that distract us, some unexpected demands, and needs.
If we start our morning by investing in deciding how to make our day beautiful and efficient,
it may finish our inner resources and/or there will be no time left to do anything.

Getting our ducks in a raw with the TT List

The todo tomorrow list (I call it the TT list) does wonder to this challenge.
It demands a little effort – preparing it at the end of our day,
but it is doable.
We just need to be focused for a few minutes and when we make it a habit,
it is just like brushing our teeth.
If we have this small TT List ready, our day becomes clear sailing.
BTW – we don’t have to prepare one every night, it can be a tool that we use according to our needs.
For me, when I began making my TT list at night, it made a massive difference
I use the energy I have in the morning in a wholesome way instead of wasting it on trying to figure out my day.

One more advice: if you see that you don’t have enough clarity when you sit down to make your TT list, you can choose writing something like:

“check out my MamaList” (the master list)
“Spend 20 min on deciding what to make out of my day.”

In this way your morning will have a frame and focus – it’s very different than without
this plan ahead.

Occasionally I also add to the TT how I want to feel tomorrow 
when doing all these things :).
It helps me focus on the Being and not only on the Doing 
and thus takes me a step beyond, living more as I aspire to.

Flexibility and tuning in to what we need and want is the ultimate magic

Before I say good-bye, it bears mentioning that what I offered in this post and in this series as a whole is not set in stone.
It is just one perspective, one way to examine and maybe changing
our relationship with our “doing.”
There are times when it is more fitting just to flow,
and not all tools are right for everyone or always suitable to use.
Flexibility and tuning into what we need and want is the ultimate magic.

Good luck with your stepping from your A to your Be,

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