Todo List – Friend or Foe?
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When wishes and tasks in our list are competing for our attention

How do you prioritize? How do you choose what to focus on?

When I have many things I want and/or want to do, I sometimes feel like an amateur circus acrobat trying to catch balls that keep falling all around.
When I give attention to one thing I feel I neglect other things, so I turn to these different things, and it can become a situation of grasp all lose all.
Know the feeling?

The art of prioritization


If we learn to prioritize, things become more manageable.
It can be on the minor scale – managing a single day, balancing between what pops up suddenly and our plans; or on a larger scale, when we choose our focus for this year, etc.
I think prioritizing is an art and something which can be learned.
One thing to grasp when we learn it, is that everything has a price, but that it is not a bad thing – it is merely a fact, and we can have it all – in the sense that we can create the life we want, but not by bending the laws of physics 🙂.
When we go right we cannot go left, and it is A-OK; when we choose to stay home and work we miss the sunset at the beach, and when we do go to watch it we may have to let go of something else.
If we are clear about our priorities it is clear sailing “to pay these prices”; it does not feel like paying in the sense of ‘loosing,’ but instead in the spirit of ‘gaining.’

There are countless ways to decide what comes first and what is less important; this time, I want to share a technique that does wonders for me when I prioritize.

Crowning 2-3 wishes for one term

I choose 2-3 things from my list, which I call the Queen, King, and Prince, or the 3 Royal Family Members (all combinations work!).
I pick the 2-3 things (not more) that are the most important to me for the next 3 months (or any time-frame you choose; not too long though).
From that point on, they are like the VIP members of my list, and they get priority.

What it means:
Whenever there is indecision, confusion, or “prices to pay” – it is easier to make a choice – I know who gets the front seats.
When I feel overwhelmed with things todo, like this inexperienced juggler, I focus on the progress I want to have with these three as they are the most important. If they are satisfied, I am satisfied 🙂. (It doesn’t mean that I neglect other things or that there aren’t days when these 3 are not getting attention).
It also helps me saying ‘yes’ to something if it supports these three when I am tired; it reduces the amount of time and energy I spend on deciding what to do now/tomorrow/at a specific moment.

For example – In May last year, I put my body at the queen chair; I wanted to go back to my healthy weight and fat percentage that went up and made me feel unwell.
So I went to a nutritionist (one that doesn’t count calories! – my kind).
I paid for her service (prioritizing my money spending).
Made time to make my meals as I need to (prioritizing with my time and money).
Made time for efficient exercise (prioritizing time and energy) etc.
This method does me a world of good!
Whenever I am a bit discouraged, like at times when there is friction with other things I want (like unwinding with a glass of wine very late at night or having more time for something instead of going to exercise) there is no discussion, I know what my priorities are.
Surely sometimes I chose something else over the queen – I speak about what I went with most of the time.

Who are your king queen and prince then?

I encourage you to decide which wishes/needs you give the wand to.
It can be a task which was delayed for a while, it can be a project that will make you happy or the next step in your business, and it can also be a habit you want to change/add of an attitude you want to adopt/let go off.

Once you choose your A-List, remember they are getting most of your attention, and it will help you prioritize in those days when many things are competing for your attention.
It doesn’t mean that all the rest gets neglected and you can always use your discretion, and some days you invest in the “common people 🙂.”
But all in all, these three are leading.

I am happy to play-date your royals with mine – share below so they can party!

Be lucky!


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