Todo List – Friend or Foe?
Post # 3 Helping your list to rise above the clutter (or let her be seen).



This is the heading


About disappearing lists, lists that lose their magic,
& what todo to help them.

If your lists are lost again and again and/or becoming “ugly” too often, this post is for you.*
*Mainly for those who use hard copy.

The problem
Lists have the tendency to go under, hide, or to become unappealing.
But actually, they do enjoy fulfilling their destiny and be seen 🙂
They are born to help us!

In my work with people over the years, I observed that often the main impediment in the flow of doing is not finding the list. People feel so frustrated sometimes when they do have a bit of a motivation to do, but needing their list to be focused. When the list is buried underneath the mess, they give up or exhaust this spark of energy on looking for it.
Another frequent complaint of my clients is about the way their lists look.
*I know you may have difficulties also with where/how to create lists –
but this I leave for a later post.

If it happens to you too, here are some solutions

First, 3 vital points:

  • Whatever solutions we find to this kind of problem, if we don’t invest in maintenance, the outcome will not last long. Maintenance is a key -factor in this area (if not in any field).
  • As much as the appearance is essential, it can also be a way of escaping when we keep polishing our lists – so it is good to remember that the weight should be on the doing and not on the planning.
  • There are so many more nuances and methods connected to better handling of lists and using them wisely to achieve flow and progress – it is an art in itself and a continuous process. At each point in the way, we can choose one little aspect to change/try and be also flexible and adaptive later on.

And now for some advice:

Keeping it accessible

  1. Hang your list! It can be on a specific permanent easy-to-access place, but it does not have to be in a very central place necessarily as sometimes you would prefer not to see them All the time. In this way, it will never be buried under. It can also be on the inside of a closet door if you wish for some privacy. It can be on a cork board, and then you can also decorate around it to make it more joyful.
  2. For digital lists, like in Google Keep – try to pin it and choose a permanent exclusive color for it (that you will never use for another note). If it is in your PC, make a permanent location for it using a shortcut on your desktop and place it in one corner – easy to find if the desktop is cluttered. You can always also print it and hang it, just for the sake of having immediate access to it when you are inspired.

For its looks

  1. Refreshing – it is actually pleasant and helpful to have some erased items in our lists, so it is OK to keep lists with deleted lines. But when it becomes too cluttered with many tasks that we added, it is not so fun anymore. Make a ritual of refreshing your list every first week of the month, or every Mon-day, etc. But be mindful not to become addicted to rewrite it as an escape mechanism (instead of actually doing :))
  2. Be creative – if you use hard copy and not digital, try using a colored page, add some stickers, use a different pen for different areas, divide the page info segments (I personally prefer to have a few lists on one page instead of one long list).
    The saying ‘we also eat with our eyes’ is relevant for lists too – We may be more inspired to do when our lists are pretty and welcoming.
  3. With digital lists – we can also play with colors and in some apps, adding a photo too.

But again, as mentions above, it is essential to stay balanced, not spending too much on the looks so it won’t become a procrastination method.

Be proud of your lists!

And actually, why don’t you invite your list to take a selfie and post it here 🙂 ?
I will be happy to meet it!

Have a good day/night,

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