Meet those two remarkable inspiring women (one real, one fictional).



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These Corona times are the most unusual, and there some who experience significant difficulties. 

I hope you find your silver lining in it and get the best out of it. 
‘Unusual’ has the potential to spark something new, to open us to new possibilities.

In case you find yourself a bit gloomy, I recommend meeting these two remarkable women (one real, one fictional.) I always find it helpful to connect to others when stagnated. Any connection works.

Alice Sommer was a courageous and unique woman. A pianist that survived the holocaust (thanks to music) and kept playing, living joyfully, till the age of 110! Each time I watch her, my heart opens up. There is an abundance of content on YouTube, here is a short one and a longer one.

Anne from Green gables is a famous character from the book by this name. She is the best example of positivity, which is not shallow but emerges from the courage to experience life to its fullness. She actually reminds me of Alice.
If you want your heart to melt, watch the scrumptious  series on Netflix: Anne with an E.
Each one I recommended her to got back to me saying: “wow……”

I wish you to be surrounded by inspired and inspiring people.

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