Feeling inspired todo, but still stagnated?
A few great ways to ignite our engine – ToDo in the days of Corona



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Hi All,

How are you feeling in these Corona days?
If you are in great difficulties, I send you my love and prayers. 
If you are still safe, feeling motivated to make the best out of this challenge yet stuck, this post is for you.

I admit It took me some time to adjust to the new way of living in the corona world, turning my inspiration into action (after my daily work was arrested.) I was lucky to have many tools that I learned or developed, and I am happy sharing with you what is helping me.

 What I share is always what I used myself and with clients – they work! But the most important thing is to be sensitive to yourself and choose what resonates with you at this time.

Tools that I find helpful when I feel stuck even though I'm motivated:

  1. Take care of something that was delayed for a very long time, no matter how insignificant it is. You can listen to the recorded tip called ‘The specific gravity of tasks’ in the new series of quick recorded tips: Befriending our todo lists. I recorded it in the pre-corona time, but it is valid for now too.
  2. Change the setting – one great way to move our energy from feeling stuck to moving forward is to create a different space in our home or working space. Move some furniture, change the place of your work desk. If you are like me and you love working in coffee shops which are closed now, create your own café at home! Take your laptop to your porch or garden, treat yourself with some tea/espresso, turn on the music.
  3. Step into a bubble – Decide upon a specific time frame and Use a timer! When we say, “I am going to arrange my kitchen today,” it can be intimidating. Because “today” is too broad. Treat it like scheduling a meeting with Mr. Mess. Like any meeting that has both a beginning and an end.
    Using a timer will make a big difference: take 35-45 time slots with 5-10 min breaks (use the timer for them too). When you are in the bubble, you let go of all distractions (inner&outer). You can find a web bubble on my website or use your PC (better than using the phone as it can distract.)
  4. Dogether – Find a friend that is in the same position and support each other. Accountability is a proven method for productivity. I’m going to launch a new service with this name and will let you know soon.
  5. Use The Procrastimiter and the ABCD Plan – sometimes, we don’t manage to start, and we need to support ourselves in other ways before our engine is warm enough.
    It’s a long post, but it worth the time. I used this method so many times, and it does wonders!
  6. Add joy – often, we think of “doing” as something we need to finish so we can get to “being” where we can enjoy. When we add “how” to the “what,” we bring more flow to our todo lists. Listen to a podcast that makes you laugh or teach you something, enjoy some music or even talk to a friend if what you do allows it (like cleaning, for example.)  
    An excellent podcast – for Hebrew speakers only (sorry): Bismut &Yifrach. I had the honor of being the guest of episode  # 10 if you want to enjoy it (relevant to this unusual time too.) 

Also, I launched a series of short-video-tips on Instagram about ways to make friends with our todo lists. Here is one about The “perfect” list.

I will be recording one every day for the 30 days of April, and you are welcome to visit and enjoy.
Also, you are most welcome to ask me for a solution/advice to any challenge you may encounter, and I will do my best to address it. Just write to me here.

But the best advice is:
Be Kind to Yourself, Feel what you need most.
Maybe you just need to Pause, Rest, Be.
If it helps, you have my blessing todo nothing.

Be well,

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